Paola Mayfield will do a giveaway post (November 20th) on her Instagram account (@paola_mayfield) where one of the entry criteria is to follow your account. 

Paola Mayfield Giveaway


Giveaway Details

1)  You along with 35-50 other accounts will be followed by the Instagram page @alist_me.

2) The giveaway hosts will do a post on their Instagram pages explaining the giveaway. Here's an example caption:

1. GO TO @alist_me.
2. Follow EVERYONE they follow.
3. Return to My Instagram page and tell me who you would share it with or if you would keep it all for yourself.

3) Your page starts growing with followers of the hosts.

4) A week after the giveaway post, the hosts will post on their stories with the winner of the $2,000 cash prize.

Giveaway Date: November 20th